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23 Sep 2021
Slot Machines

The Key to Finding the Best Slot Machine Payback Percentages

One of the most popular games in a casino is surely slots. You go in, flip a coin, make a spin, and then wait for it to stop. The game is simple, offers a variety of options when it comes to investment, and gives a kind of satisfaction when you look at the digits spinning.

However, not everyone plays slots just for fun. This is the case because most of us have seen several people win huge amounts if we haven’t had the luck ourselves as of yet when playing slots.

Well, if you are one of those who want to increase their chances of winning at slots, you need to find the best payout slot machines before entering a casino. While this task is not that easy, there are ways through which you can find the RTP (return to player) of these machines that you will be trying your luck.

While playing at the best payout slot machines will increase your chances of winning, you first need to know how exactly you can find these slots, which have a higher payback percentage in comparison to others.

Hence, to help you with the process, we have gathered the answers for all the questions that you might have in mind concerning the payout of slots. Although for those who are still unsure what this is or need some more clarification on the subject, let us first understand what exactly a payback percentage is.

What is a Payback Percentage?

In simple terms, the payback percentage of a slot machine is the rate at which it will give back to the player. This is also why the term is often called RTP, i.e. return to player. Every machine has a rate set at the time of manufacturing which determines their payout. Hence, giving the players a possibility to find out the payback percentages of these slots.

For example, if you are putting in $100 in a machine, and if the percentage is set at 94, the machine will give a return of $94 on the initial amount. However, it is not that simple and if you have played slots, you probably are aware of it. The rationale behind it is the fact that while a slot guarantees that return, it does so over a long period. Hence, you cannot expect to put in $100 and then expect a return immediately because that is what the game is all about.

While it is possible to find the rate, it is not always easy, and you may have to do some homework at your end. Another thing that you must know is that the system works differently for land-based games and online slots. This is why it is significant to discuss both of them separately for you to have a better idea depending on your personal preference.

How to Find Slot Machine Payout Percentage?

Now that we have a basic understanding of what payback percentage is, let us come to the real issue of finding the best payout slot machines so that you can increase your chances. There are several different ways through which this can be done or at least you can try to get as much information as possible for land-based slots. However, keep in mind that finding information for land-based slots is more difficult and so you might have to work your way through different ways to accomplish your goal.

1. State Gaming Reports

State gaming reports are one of the most reliable sources for finding legitimate information on the slots in the casinos of your specific state. You can look them up when finding the RTP of slots as they update their results based on how a slot has performed throughout the year.

While the statistics you find will be appropriate or very close, it is hard to find individual slots in the reports. The information is general with regard to casinos or popular games and their payouts. However, it is still helpful in the overall process.

2. Use Search Engines

While using search engines like Google to find information about individual slots may not be as rewarding, you can try your luck by searching different terms. If you are good at searching and can tell the difference between what is accurate and what may not be, this can be a good way of finding payout rates for any individual slot that you like to play.

3. Assumptions According to the Coin Denomination

This last tip is one of those that talks more about being logical instead of gathering facts or checking probability. Dollar slots will pay more than penny slots because of the higher denomination and that is why the percentage set at the beginning is likely to be more for games with higher denominations.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the chances of winning at a dollar slot are still the same as the payback can happen at any given moment just as it will happen for penny slots. The only difference would be in the amount.

Another thing when it comes to assumptions is that if you want to increase your chances, you should go for simple games instead of the ones that offer jackpots like progressive slots as they decrease your chances of winning because of the involvement of even more people at a single bet.

Can Casinos Control Slot Machine Payouts?

A casino will rarely change the payout rate of a game. This is because the percentage is set when it is manufactured. The range between which the percentage may fall is from a low of 85% to a high of 98%.

Changing the payout rate will not only require skills and efforts but is also a very daunting task, which any owner wouldn’t want to indulge in for an old machine. Hence, you can be certain that the casinos do not control this rate. However, it is possible to have a different ratio for the machines which offer the same game.

How Does a Slot Machine Know When to Pay out?

The simple answer to this query is that it does not know. Yes, a slot machine is never due. You may sit there for hours playing in the hope of getting a win and someone might just have it in their first spin. The rationale behind this is the way it has been generated.

When a slot machine is manufactured, a chip is installed in it which is the Random Number Generator. That chip makes around thousands of calculations per second which in turn generates the random combination of numbers/objects on your screen. This is exactly why you can never be sure as to when a machine is due, and this is exactly why knowing the payout percentage helps increase some chance of winning at slots!

Which Online Slots Payout the Most?

Lastly, to discuss the online slots, it is much easier to find the payout rates for an online slot in comparison to the land-based slot machines. This is also possible because the set rate for online slots is the same for a particular game throughout and so easier to keep a track of. Another thing to know about online slots is that mostly, the payout rate is higher for them as compared to a physical casino. After all, they save on several expenses because of being online and so, can afford higher RTPs. You can get the information both from google and from their help screens.

We hope that this information would have proved to help answer your concerns regarding the payout of slots and that now you will complete your search before making that spin to increase your chances of winning.

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