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15 Jan 2023
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Will Metaverse Gaming Change The Way You Play Poker at Online Casinos

The Metaverse is not something we totally understand yet. We know that this new concept exists and is becoming more real all the time, and if you believe many of the news reports, it won’t be long until the whole world is existing within this virtual space. Everything from shopping to socializing and of course gaming could take place within the Metaverse. It’s seen by a lot of people as the natural next step in the world of the internet and even the evolution of the species.

So what does Metaverse gaming mean for us all and how is it going to change things like poker? For those who are interested in Metaverse gambling, it is really easy to see the potential of the Metaverse for playing a variety of different casino games, and we can already see some of the ways that Metaverse gaming will change our habits.

What Is The Metaverse?

There’s no shame in not fully understanding the Metaverse just yet, it is a very new concept for a lot of people to try and get their heads around. If you have ever seen any of the fictional representations of the Metaverse you may already have some idea, for instance, the very popular book and film “Ready Player One” explored a lot of the themes of the Metaverse.

The Metaverse has been talked about for a number of years and many think of it as the next iteration or version of the internet, providing a 3D virtual space that humans will share in a way they would not be able to in the world in front of them.

While the Metaverse will use the internet to connect us in the same way that our devices do, it will rely much more on 3D, and technologies such as AR and VR. VR casinos have already changed the way we play. Many people think of this as the next step for the internet, and some even expect it to be the main way we engage online within years.

Your brain may already be thinking of all the ways that this might change our life. Of course, Metaverse gaming is one of the things that will change. We’ve all seen how VR and AR technologies have already made such a huge impact on the world, and this technology is only likely to improve as the months and years go by. As well as iGaming, online gambling is expected to change as the world enters this next phase. So how will it change the way you play poker at an online casino?

Metaverse Gaming vs. Traditional Online Gaming

So what is different when it comes to Metaverse gaming when compared to other forms of online gambling and traditional online gaming? Well, in traditional online games such as poker or even slot games you are always restricted in your interactions by the screen and the computer or device you are using to interact. The Metaverse will plunge users into a “virtual” version of the real thing, by using headsets and avatars.

Just like science fiction films predicted, we may well live online with our avatars being the versions of ourselves that interact most. This includes a number of different aspects of daily life including Metaverse poker, which will replicate a real room with people much more accurately than traditional online methods could achieve.

Prospects & Potentials

We’ve already seen some revolutionary ways of playing poker online. For example, it is possible that you no longer interact with the game-like interface many of us are used to. You might log in to a website that has a live poker dealer feature instead. This means there is a real person dealing with the cards and you can interact and engage via video.

Below, we’re diving into some of the ways that Metaverse gaming could potentially change everything when it comes to online gaming and online poker.

Of course, everyone has a slightly different view of exactly how the Metaverse will evolve and move forward, but the potential explained below will give you some idea.

3D Reacting Avatars

This is undeniably one of the ways that we expect gaming to change, and that Metaverse gaming will potentially revolutionize poker. Poker is definitely a game that incorporates emotion and the ability to read people, as well as the ability to “bluff” and to master your own emotions.

Our 3D avatars may be a way to bring some of the emotion and “people skills” back into poker. Even if this doesn’t have the capacity to change how you play, it can certainly enhance the experience and make it a little more fun. Eventually, who knows, perhaps your reactions will be sensed and even broadcast into the game automatically.

When all the players have 3D avatars that can potentially react with one another, it certainly makes things more interesting than some of the flat avatars that are seen in current 2D interfaces. When playing online poker at the moment, is one of the main things that people tend to miss. Reading people via their avatar might not be easy, but it is certainly going to be better than just seeing a still profile picture on their account!

Live Poker Experience Online

A live poker experience is something we can already enjoy to some extent. Whether you choose to log in and use one of the game-style interfaces for your poker game, or you choose to sign up for a live dealer game where you interact with a real person, it is all happening in real-time right in front of you. However, there is still the limitation of having to use a screen and device to interact.

With the headset technology that will be the mainstay of the Metaverse, the live gaming feel will be much more akin to something that you may enjoy visiting a real casino.

What’s more, there are a lot of options within the Metaverse to build new environments for people to log in and enjoy their gaming. For instance, you might get to experience different decorations, music, and a full sensory experience via your headset. Rather than the same old online casino tables, you can enjoy everything that the Metaverse gaming companies have to offer, as they will continue to innovate and provide you with gambling options you may not have thought possible a few years ago.

No Dealers

At the moment, there is a need for dealers to be present in a lot of examples of online casinos and of course if you visit a casino in person to play poker. Metaverse poker games will likely feel a little different, and potentially not require dealers.

The dealers would be automatic, and they could even come in the form of 3D avatars and characters in the game. The fact that they don’t require a person to deal the cards or enforce the rules of the game of poker means that there can be games taking place wherever and whenever, and that there is no restriction on how many people can play.

On top of that, the fact that live dealers are not required could (and probably should) change the rake fees. This is the fee that the casino charges. If it is lower, then more of the money goes back into the pot as potential winnings. This hasn’t been confirmed yet, but as more and more Metaverse gaming companies and poker companies look to compete for market share, there is every chance it will happen.

Worldwide Play

We already know the power of connecting online and that there are many different ways that people can connect and play via the internet. This is going to be further enhanced by the Metaverse.

There are also a lot of theories about the law in this “Metaverse” and that Metaverse gaming could be a way to play without regional restrictions applying. It really depends on how the law is likely to be changed in the future. Of course, we all need to abide by the local laws, but if you live in a location where gambling is legal and regulated then you can definitely connect globally and enjoy poker games with friends and strangers all over the world.

What Are NFT Games?

Another important topic to cover, which goes hand-in-hand with the Metaverse, is NFT games.

Everyone is familiar with NFTs by now, but what is an NFT game and how does it function? Well, a game will not only have the capacity to incorporate these tokens but there is also every chance that it is even going to be a part of the game itself and how it operates, such as the mechanism of the game.

Think of games with lots of characters and items. All of these could be totally unique and come in the form of NFTs which use blockchain technology. This increases the urgency to swap the items and trade within the game. There are some very clever technologies behind this and they can change the way we trade. For instance, you can execute smart contracts which are pieces of code that can legally change the ownership of the NFT.

Gambling NFTs can also work in a very similar way, and the NFTs can be prizes and even a part of how gambling games work.

Within the Metaverse, it is inevitable that NFT games are going to play a huge part. Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we do things already, with currencies like Bitcoin already such a big part of gambling and everyday life, with Bitcoin games proving a popular way to gamble in 2023 and beyond.

So, How Will The Metaverse Change Poker?

Poker has been around in some form for centuries and it is likely that it will still be around in centuries to come. Evolution is a part of this, and just like when we moved from having to play in person to having the option to play online, we are now moving to the next phase: Metaverse gaming.

A lot of people believe that the main thing that will change is the ability to read the other players, something that got lost a lot when we moved to the online table games you currently see at most casinos. This is a key part of poker.

On top of that, the incorporation of other modern technologies, naturally including AR and VR, but also including blockchain tech and things like NFTs, is an inevitable part of the Metaverse. The method of playing poker with friends or strangers will evolve as more people embrace online and virtual engagement.

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