Daily Slots Tournaments!

Yes our Binions are excited about offering you an exciting daily slots tourney. Enjoy some of the most exciting slot games online and win extra prizes on the side.


  • 1st place $100 Bonus
  • 2nd place $75 Bonus
  • 3rd place $50 Bonus

Current Leaderboard

1stchipstackwel $5.75$100 Bonus

Last updated on: Apr Wed 21st, 2021 / 10:58 pm

Previous Leaderboard

1stPoeticstargazer $1,730.70$100 Bonus
2nd805hottie $375.60$75 Bonus

Play any and all your favorite slots at Bonus Bingo to win the Daily Slots Tournament! The player to win the most cumulative slots winnings from Midnight – 11:59pm ET wins the daily slots tournament. Second place and Third place winners will also win!


  1. Tourney starts from midnight to 11:59pm ET each day & resets the next day
  2. Tourney reserved for depositing players only
  3. Prizes will be credited in the form of Bonus which you can exchange into cash and play more slots
  4. The Leaderboard, will be updated once per hour with live stats
  5. Winners will be credited by 12pm ET the following day


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  • e-Mail
  • Live Helper

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    Daily 8am - 2am EST

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