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Play Progressive Slots for Real Money

Progressive slot machines now account for about 30% of all slot machines in a casino. Their rise in popularity is due to features like Major and Minor jackpots that keep on growing; hence, the name progressive jackpots. At Slots.ag, we offer you a wide range of fun and themed progressive jackpot games.

What is a Progressive Slot Machine?

Progressive slot games involve a portion of the bet money going towards increasing a maximum jackpot. When it is first started or when a progressive jackpot is won, the machine is given an initial jackpot which does not amount to zero.
This initial jackpot will keep growing as you play the game and place more and more bets. For example, if you place a bet of $2, the progressive jackpot may increase by $0.50.
Progressive jackpot machines also have a maximum progressive jackpot after which the jackpot cannot become even bigger. This means that you need to win the jackpot before or when it equals the maximum amount.
Once the jackpot has been won or switched on initially, the amount for the next winning is chosen randomly but it is between the minimal and maximum jackpot amount.
As more and more bets are placed, the progressive jackpot increases and approaches the winning amount, and wins the jackpot.
Since your bets fuel the jackpot, jackpots on these slot machines are far larger than what you may find on other machines.

Jackpot Meters

A progressive jackpot has a jackpot meter which shows the current value of the jackpot. This meter is located above the slot machines and is brightly colored and large so you can easily see it grow as you place more and more bets.
Online progressive slot games also have these meters in the software.

Max Coins

When playing progressive slots, you need to make the max bet to win the jackpot. Although we do not recommend that you play max coins on every slot machine, you should consider some other game if you never intend to make a max bet.
It can be very frustrating to win the jackpot but get a smaller payout because you were too afraid to make a max bet.

How to Play Progressive Slots?

Progressive slot games are not all the same; there are three different types of progressive slots:

Stand-Alone Progressive

Instead of having a fixed amount for the top jackpot, this machine takes a percentage of the bets and adds that to the award for the highest winning combination. In many cases, the payout is distributed differently to give you the top prizes of different amounts.

In-House/ Proprietary Progressive

These progressive slot games involve a network of machines linked together owned by a single gaming company. The jackpots can result in a huge payout since the percentage of bets is taken from multiple slot machines, not just a single one.

Wide Area Progressive

These progressive jackpot machines can result in life-changing payouts. The machines are linked to many different unrelated casinos, meaning the resulting jackpot, if won, is huge. However, it is very difficult to hit this kind of jackpot.

How to Win Progressive Jackpots

A lot of people think that jackpots come due if someone hasn’t won in a while. However, there is no system or strategy that can assure you a win in a progressive jackpot game. Progressive jackpots are bigger than regular jackpots and this is why they are also much more difficult to win. However, they are worth the ride when you do win them.

Real Money Progressive Slots

At Slots.ag, you can play progressive slots for real money. Progressive slot games are quite challenging so anyone looking for some thrills and adrenaline rush should definitely give our range of progressive slot games a try. Join us today and start winning!

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